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Home Business :: Starting a catering business made easy with a blueprint

What Does it Really Mean to Own a Home Based Catering Business?

When you start a catering home based business, you are not just doing what you like, but are actually making a living out of it. This is exactly how you can use your creative instinct to its fullest. You will be able to run things the way you want, and there will be no bosses egging you to do things their way. However, you must be ready to work for a long duration everyday, including on holidays and weekends.

Having a set of required skills is important to succeed in the catering service business arena. Having a natural love for cooking and a background in culinary arts is a must in order to start such businesses. You ought to know how to plan parties as well. Many clients ask for more than just simple catering services like food preparation, serving, and cleanup later on. You may need to help some clients in organizing the party as well. Having some skills in art, decorations, etc. can also help you a lot. If you ever got a chance to cater a fancy event, you may already have a fine understanding of dining etiquette.

You should also know how to coordinate and time the food service around several other activities including speeches and dance performances. Being a 'people's person' can help you a great deal, as you will need to interact with people.


Great communication skills and the ability to interact with strangers in a short span of time can be very helpful. Remember that impressing your client is more important. That is how you will be getting more clients through recommendations.

You will have to work closely with all sorts of customers who may be private customers or event planners. Some catering service providers are known for specific events or particular food types. Not all catering businesses are like that, and it's entirely your decision as how you want your new business to be.

You can manage your business entirely on your own or get outside help. No matter what the size of your catering service business is, there are a few basic things that you will always need to do. Tasks including food preparation, cleanup, food service, marketing, and sales will need to be performed in all cases.

As a catering service provider, you will also need to order food, plan menus, hire and train staff, create recipes, and above all, satisfy the clients beyond their expectations!

You will have to make a few decisions when you own a catering home based business. Since you will be working from home, you will have to see how you are going to find the time and energy to take care of daily tasks like answering phone calls, replying to emails, etc. A typical catering business will be open for inquiries 24 hours a day online, and people may come to visit your company in person.

You need experienced people as catering service staff members to handle cooking, serving, accounts, delivery etc. You will also need someone to handle secretarial tasks associated with catering services.


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Foods & Drinks :: The Coffee Machine Through The Ages

Coffee machines are an interesting machine with an interesting history. In this article you can learn about its history which goes back further than you might imagine.

Obviously, coffee making stretches back way before the coffee machine was invented, although back in the day this didn't involve coffee granules and a kettle, as is common place nowadays. In the 1800s coffee was made through grinding the coffee itself up and putting that into a pan of boiling water, which admittedly is quite similar in principle but at the same time there's much less chance of burning the coffee the way we make it now!

The evolution of the coffee machine is very much a French thing and they can lay claim to two of the very first methods, drip brewing and perculating, both of which have had a big influence on what was to come. The general idea of both is that water is gradually added to the coffee to maximise the flavour.

Throughout the rest of the 19th century vacuum brewing became the most popular method and coffee machine production and development began to go global, with America becoming one of the leading nations. With the dawning of the 20th century the French idea of perculator coffee was perfected in the US by Hanson Goodrich and his design is still used today.

Over the years as technology has advanced and commercialisation has grown, coffee machines have got better but in most cases the principles of the original methods are the same. From the 1960's onwards electric drip machines were introduced, making the process a lot easier and the results much better.


The more recent history of coffee machines has basically seen an overall perfecting of the machine and what it can do. Most machines now allow for more than cup to be prepared at the same time, some even allow for different types of coffee to be used, such as ESE pods and coffee beans. As well as this, practically all are now able to make cappuccinos using the steam that is produced by the machine. They can be quite tricky to master but well worth it when you do!

Hope you've enjoyed this article, the history of the coffee machine is quite an interesting one that stretches back over 200 years and has lead to the kind of coffee we can make at home or get in Starbucks today. Another significant chapter in the history of human invention, and one that has produced some very tasty results!


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Plants That Produce Vegetable Oils for Cooking

Sesame Oil is Extracted from the Sesame PlantVegetable oils are used in cooking to flavor, fry and bake food in a variety of ways. The quality of a vegetable oil used in cooking will dictate, to some extent, how a culinary dish will taste. Vegetable oils are available in a range of grades and consistencies but they are first extracted from a specific plant. S

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Get Help In Your Kitchen With These Amazing Tips

Are you a lover of many types of food? Do you have a large sweet tooth? Or, how about ethnic foods? Have you ever wanted to be able to cook these meals yourself? Well now you can stop wondering and begin cooking! Implement the steps in the article to gain information on how to start making wonderful meals.

Even if you have screwed up in this way, there is a fix that will still let you use it right away. Mix together a solution of one tablespoon corn starch and two tablespoons water. Stir this mixture into the thin sauce and it will thicken up. Add your starch solution slowly to ensure just the right consistency.

If you need to season your meat, prepare a small portion and taste

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Get Help In Your Kitchen With These Amazing Tips

A lot of people only consider cooking a chore. That said, cooking can be fun, as well. Cooking can also be one of the best ways to be a healthier person. Great cooks are always looking for new ideas, which is what the following article will provide you with.

Try to keep your spices and herbs in a dark, cool area of your kitchen. Many factors can cause herbs and spices to lose their flavor, especially humidity and light. Another little known fact is that ground spices tend to lose their flavor quicker than whole spices. Spices that have not been ground have the potential to last upwards of five years. If the spices are stored properly, they will stay fresh for a longer period.